Congratulations to our graduates:
Faith Church
Graylan Galloway
Deedra Johnson
Austin Laws
Student Ministry
Graduation Sunday
May 20th.
  1. In Colossians 3:16-17, Paul is exhorting us to “stare at Jesus”, so that the believers will have the power to put off their old ways of sin and put on the Godly characteristics to live the new life.
1.We need to center our gatherings
on the Word of God.  While we will
have fun gatherings this summer and
occasional outings through the year,
our ultimate goal is to saturate
their lives with God’s Word. 
2. We value the importance of biblical
community in helping us apply the
truths we learn.
3. Every student is cared for,loved
and disciples through the context of peer 
to peer relationships and by adults who
build meaningful relationships through 
small group interaction.
If you have questions about how
you can help us, please contact
me about ways to serve.
Pastor Richard