History of Baptist Home Baptist Church

     Baptist Home was constituted on January 6, 1880 with ten charter members.  This organizational meeting was held in the home of Rev. James D. Tinsley who along with Rev. John Adam, served as the church’s first pastors. The first church building built about 1884, was a small one room structure.  Beginning in 1907 and continuing for a period of about ten years, the Wilkes County Board of Education was permitted to hold school in the building.
     In 1922, the church decided to build a new building, which like the first one was a one room structure, though larger than the original building.  The present church was built in 1948 and completely renovated in 1977. The three floor educational building was built in 1958. In 1987, the church added a two story brick educational building to the existing educational building. This included a fellowship hall, kitchen, nursery and preschool departments, children’s department, church office and pastor’s study.  On May 31, 2000 lightning struck the educational building and it was completely destroyed by fire.  It was rebuilt by March of the following year. Over the years, the church has added a picnic shelter, a church bus, community walking trail and a new Family Life Center. 

The following have served as pastors:

    • John Adams, James D. Tinsley (January 1880-November 1898)
    • George W. Adams (1880-1898) associate pastor
    • James Burchett and John Brooks
    • Grant Cothren
    • LB Murray
    • William B. Porter, James Suttle, Rev. Blankenbaker
    • JW Adams and William Porter (November 1899-1900)
    • GW Sebastian (August 1907-October 1915)
    • Milton McNeill (October 1915-September 1922) 
    • JE Hayes (September 1922-1941
    • SL Blevins (1943-1951)
    • Harvey White (October 1951-November 1956)
    • James E. Revis (1957-1964)
    • Reid Keiger (1964-1966)
    • C. Frank Sitton (February 1967-September 1976)
    • J. Harvey Clark (1976)
    • Mike Wilkinson (1984)
    • Mark Hollar (1990) 
    • Darrell Tate (2002) 
    • Dr. Lon Chenowith (2010) 
    • Senior Pastor David Jones (2014_present)