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Baptist Home Family,

Welcome to October! My how all of a sudden time seems to be speeding up. As a child we use to think that Christmas would never get here, now it seems to come quickly. Did you know that its just 65 days away. Al- ready the media is asking people to shop early. Warning! There maybe a shortage on certain goods. Warning! There maybe a shortage on T.P. again and cleaning supplies. Warning! Maybe a shortage on ginger bread, OH NO!

While it is true that the things in this world are in short supply, Im glad to report that there is no shortage on the Love of God. No shortage on His grace! No shortage on His mercy! No shortage on His faithfulness! In fact everything that the Lord has to offer has an eternal supply! What a mighty and gracious Lord we serve.

There are so many evidences of God at work in the lives of our people here at Baptist Home. How evident that was in the Deacon Ordination serve the past Sunday. My how blessed we were to hear their testimonies and the testimonies of confirmation that were given over these men. And how blessed we were to feel the pres- ence and moving of the spirit of the Lord.

How evident it is of God moving and leading in our services on Sundays and Wednesdays as the word of God is opened and coming alive in our hearts and mind. How evident it is as the Holy Spirit is leading us and teaching us. How evident it is as I have listened to many share their heart of what God is doing in their lives and their belief that God is at work and Gods blessings are on the fellowship of the church. So to Him be glo- ry and honor and praise! I pray we will find ourselves submitted to His will, His work and His ways. I pray that He will find us faithful, and engaged in Kingdom work, When He comes again, Amen!

I know there will be many ministry highlights in this month of October. As of now, plans are being made for a

fall festival. Also, our church will be hosting a banquet for the Wilkes County Crisis Pregnancy Center on

Oct 14 . But one of the events that Im most excited about is Student Day”! On October 31, 2021 our stu-

dents will be leading in all aspects of worship that Sunday. Wesley Furr will be bring the message and the stu- dent praise team, Wild flowers”, will be singing and leading in worship.

Please pray for the preparations that are being made and for the continued growth and excitement in the stu- dent ministry of our church.

Pray that this month will be an awesome time of worship and service as we Fall in Love with Jesus”.

God Bless,
Pastor David Jones