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Pastor David Jones Associate Pastor Richard Peck

February 2020


We exist to love and know God more deeply, to grow more like Jesus each day, and to reach the world in the power of the Holy Spirit with the message of the Cross and the Resurrection beginning in the Mulberry community.

Colossians 3:2 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

My how this verse of scripture has challenged my life and is changing my life. If you are with us on Wednesday nights for our Bible study you know that we are studying the book of Colossians. And what a blessing it has been. This past Wednesday it was as if the Holy Spirit sought to manifest His presence in a special way as the church set their minds on things above. We were transported into the heavenlies as Gods people thought about heaven, talked about heaven and fulfilled the lead of the scripture to direct our minds to those things above. We saw that the word seek has the idea of constantly seeking, to constantly be thinking about heavenly things.

As followers of Christ we must not only SEEK HEAVEN, we must also THINK HEAVEN. And Oh, what a difference it makes…to see yourself in the throne room of God. To know that you are welcome and wanted. To know that you are there because you are in Christ. A wonderful thought the Lord gave me is For those in Christ understand this, you are just as much in heaven with Christ, as Christ is with you on earth.WOW! What a thought!

Hebrew 13:5 Jesus said I will never leave you, nor forsake you.Therefore today, this very moment we stand complete in Christ Jesus, and we are with Him through the power of the resurrection in heavenly places. Hallelujah!

In just a few weeks, we will come together for our spring revival. I am so excited for our church. First of all because of what I sense God doing among us and for what I sense God doing in my spirit personally.

Im equally excited because the evangelist that is coming to minister to us is Dr. Bob Pitman from Muscles Shoals, Ala. Dr. Pitman is a man of God that is in great demand to fill the pulpits of America. He is serving in full time evangelism and is, without a doubt, one of the greatest preachers you will be privileged to hear.

Please be in prayer for our church, for our community and for the revival. Lets grasp the garment of God. Lets hold on to His unseen hand, lets pray and believe God for a great manifestation of His power and grace. Lets believe God For REVIVAL.

Its with great joy that I look forward to worshipping with you this coming Lords Day.

I look forward to seeing you with Bible in hand and a friend by your side.

Pastor David Jones



For this month’s newsletter, I thought that I would share with you the focus of our studies thisyear among our students on Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday nights. It focuses ourattention on the gospel. Paul says that the gospel is “the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes” (Rom. 1:16, NLT). He also writes in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 that an understanding of the gospel is most important for the Christian life. He writes these things to churches of believ- ers, not unbelievers. While the gospel is the means God uses to save unbelievers, it is also criti- cal for us as followers of Christ to preach the gospel to ourselves so that our faith is strengthened and our lives are shaped by the glorious gospel truths of God.

This conviction is why we have focused on the gospel this year among our students. Our studies on Sunday morning are centered around the subject of discovering how the gospel res- cues and redeems us. According to the creators of the curriculum: “This is an in-depth look at the Gospel that has the potential to change the way our students think about their faith and theirworld….The good news of the Gospel is that through faith in Christ, we are rescued to a sweepingand far-reaching new reality.” This description is why I am extremely excited about this series of Bible studies on Sunday mornings. The gospel is so much more than a message we proclaim as followers of Christ; it has wonderful implications for our lives too.

Through this curriculum, students will study the following (from the writers’ descriptions):

  • An in-depth look at the nature of God’s Rescue Plan (Unit 1: The Rescue Defined)

  • All of the ways the Gospel transforms who they are (Unit 2: The Gospel Rescuing Me)

  • What it looks like to share the good news of God’s Rescue (Unit 3: Sharing The Gospel With

    The Nations)

  • What it means to be a child of God and a citizen of His Kingdom (Unit 4: Rescued To A King-

    dom (Sermon on the Mount))

  • How God’s Rescue Plan defines and restores discipleship (Unit 5: Rescued To Follow


  • That living a life as one who has been rescued can be costly (Unit 6: The Gospel Is Costly)

    My prayer is that this study will unpack the gospel’s new reality in new and powerful ways

for our students this year. Each student also received devotionals that they can read through each day of the week. These devotions supplement our Sunday morning lessons to help stu- dents dig deeper into the subjects we discuss. Please pray along with me that the gospel will take root in their hearts and that they will grow deeply this year.
Our studies on Wednesday nights focus on seeing ourselves through the lens of God’s grace. Studies on issues of identity, purpose, mission, suffering, and more all deal with how God’sgrace shapes our perspective on such things when we consider ourselves through a gospel lens. On Sunday nights, we have begun gender specific studies for girls and boys. Lies Young Women Believe (and the Truth that Sets Them Free) and How to Be a Man: Pursuing a Christ- centered Masculinity focused on understanding our identities as redeemed men and womenthrough the truth of God’s Word. Please pray that these studies will shape our students’ under-standings of who they are in Christ and how these truths shape how they live and pursue Him.

Upcoming Events: WINTERJAM (Greensboro) Feb. 15 Mission Camp Fundraiser (TBD)

Pastor Richard


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Church Prayer Focus for February

Churches in the Stone Mountain Asso- ciation are partnering in prayer for one another. Our church to pray for during February is Maple Grove Baptist Church. Their pastor & wife is Rev. Richard & Mrs. Joan Caudill. Please pray for this church, its people, leader- ship, fellowship and ministry. If you would like to send a note of encourage- ment:

PO Box 103 Hays, NC




Dear Baptist Home Family,
I want to say a sincere
Thank Youfor the white

flower spray yall purchased on Daddys behalf.
We appreciate them and we appreciate all y
all more

than words can say!
Daddy loved his church and his church family! Thank You for honoring him with a beautiful funeral

and your presence.

Sandy Miller Hayes and Family

Your kind and thoughtful Expression of sympathy Is deeply appreciated and Gratefully acknowledged


Dear Baptist Home Family, Thank You for your lovingsupport during Lee’s passing.

We appreciate the many prayers, cards, floral arrange- ment and food you provided

during that time.
Your thoughtfulness helped us endure a sad

time … knowing so many people cared about us.We will never forget all you did for us!!!

Delores Trivette and Family

Dear Baptist Home Church,

Your comforting expression of sympathy is deeply appreciated and will always be gratefully remembered.

Thank You so much for the flowers you sentfor our David’s funeral ..they were beautiful!!!

The Family of
David Gambill


Looking Ahead

February 12
BBQ Fundraiser for Kenya Missions

February 2326 Revival Services with Bob Pittman


B. I. B. L. E. simply means:
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

When you are DOWN to nothing, God is UP to something! Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and

receives the impossible!

Contact Information for .. Pastor David Jones: cell phone (336) 4666254; home address 611 Briar Creek Drive, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659. Pastor Richard Peck: cell phone (336) 4677108, address 2362 Sparta Road, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659. (Please contact our church office, Pastor Jones, Pastor Peck or one of our deacons whenever there is a need).



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Hometown Kids

February 2020

I love the study of words. I like to learn the origin of words, their root and their meaning.

Im currently reading Simply Tuesdayby Emily P. Freeman and recently learned about the word ordinary”. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Boring? No frills? Nothing special? Nothing to write home about? Thats how Ive always thought of it. And Ive always thought extraordinary was an odd word. To me, that would mean MORE Ordinary. It doesnt. Go figure. I learned from this book that the word ordinary comes from the word Ordinalwhich means To count.Ordinary people….ordinary daysordinary things….they ALL count. Are you ordinary? You count. Is your job ordinary? It counts. Is your home ordi- nary? It counts. Is your day ordinary? It counts. The Psalmist said, teach us to number (or count) our days that we may cultivate and bring to you a heart of wisdom.(Psalm 90:12). Ordinal. Count. Number. Every day counts.

I hope you can follow my thoughts here and I hope you can know my heart. In ministry to children, every op- portunity should be ordinaryin the terms of the meaning of the word. Ordinal. To Count.

I hope it can be said of Hometown Kids Ministry that every time we come together with the children, it counts toward: helping them to know God in a deeper and richer way…..helping them know they are loved and cher- ished

I hope in years to come, we can look back and know that we numbered our days wellin ministry to our chil- dren.

How are you doing at numbering your days? Do your days feel like just ordinarydays. Please remember that your days count….and YOU count. God has a special plan for your life. He has put you on this earth to minister in His name and to show others His love. Count every day….and make every day count.

Blessings to you,

Tammie Jones

Childrens Ministry Leader



For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

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