At HomeTown Kids, children are TREASURED!!!!

Their spiritual growth is our top priority.
Their safety is important to us! 
The spirit of childhood is important to us. As teachers and caregivers,  we work hard to help children know that they are loved and accepted just as they are!


This is our prayer for our children:
that they would be well-watered trees, yielding spiritual fruit and staying strong in their walk with the Lord long past the time they are under the guidance of our ministry


  • We will meet children at their level of development
  • We will teach children the love of Christ and the joy of His forgiveness and salvation
  • We will help them learn the truths of God’s word (beyond salvation)
  • We will encourage their growth within the body of believers as a vital part of the church as a whole. 


For our children will:
  • KNOW Christ and understand His love for them
  • GROW in their spiritual walk
  • Share the love of Christ with others as they GO
Sunday Morning
Care for babies to age 2

Classes for ages 2 through Grade 6 with age appropriate divisions
Wednesday Night
Class for ages 2 through Kindergarten 
Class for Grades 1-6 we call THE FOCUS where we focus on one Biblical theme per month. 

Vacation Bible School 2023

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